Xaucoin (symbol XAU) is a cryptocurrency used for online transactions at selected merchants and service providers. The Xaucoin price is set over a few online exchanges operating the classic method of price setting based on demand and offer.

XAU price:

1 XAU = 1648.81000 USD
1 XAU = 2568.94000 EUR
1 XAU = 2171.94000 GBP
1 XAU = 2756.35000 CHF
1 XAU = 4247.22000 AUD
1 XAU = 3730.12000 CAD
1 XAU = 310344.5300 JPY

Xaucoin Value Chart

Below chart presents the rates the Xaucoin crypto-currency was traded over the past 30 days to 1 year:

If you are looking to buy/sell Bitcoin currency, you need to use a wallet for Xaucoin crypto-currency and also register with a Xaucoin crypto-currency exchange service. iTrading.Guide has prepared a guide in this regards, so feel free to browse the pages we have.

XAU calculator:


Disclaimer: please note that crypto-currencies change in value easily based on the demand and offer and as regulations come in place that may affect access to such currencies; this carries a risk of investment.

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